TERRA 4K, Best Entry-Level Cine Camera, 4K 100fps, easy to be used like DSLR.

Body weighs only 990g. Based on sub-S35 3:2 CMOS imaging sensor with 4K+ record resolution (11 million pixels) & 3200/800 Dual Native ISO, it works up to 100fps @4K Wide, 240fps@ 2K Wide, recording Apple ProRes422HQ or compressed RAW as cDNG directly, to get a fast and smooth post workflow.

Native mount as KineMOUNT: please choose the Mounting Adapters for your lenses (No adapter is included in any TERRA package).

TERRA 4K is in production with backorder date 6~8 weeks.

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TERRA 4K, the best entry-level cinema camera, 4K 100fps with 3200/800 Dual Native ISO, easy to be used like DSLR. Body weighs only 990g. Based on sub-S35 3:2 CMOS imaging sensor with 4K+ record resolution (even up to 11 million pixels with open gate recording), it works up to 100fps @4K Wide, 240fps@ 2K Wide, and records Apple ProRes422HQ or compressed RAW as cDNG directly, to get a fast and smooth post workflow.

Super Lightweight: One-man Job

TERRA 4K, weight of camera body is only 990g; its size is only half or third of other MINI cinema cameras. Due to its small form factor close to DSLR, TERRA 4K works well with most of Gimbals, and also lowers the requirements on accessories: so lightweight for handheld operation and for one-man job. With new-designed SideGrip and 5″ fullHD KineMON, TERRA 4K is ready for shooting. TERRA can work up to 60-100min with its lightweight GripBAT (compatible with BP-U30).

High-Speed Dual Native ISO: TERRA 4K

TERRA 4K employs a whole-new, high speed &low noise CMOS image sensor featuring with Dual Native ISO: 3200/800. It captures low-noise and wide-latitude images in regular scenes or low-light environment easily. The native frame rate of 4K CMOS image sensor is up to 100fps, so the TERRA 4K can record 4K wide up to 100fps, 3K wide up to 150fps and 2K wide up to 240fps. At the same time, its rolling effect is very low due to the high native frame rate, even running at regular fps, and the latitude also reaches to main standard for high-end camera: 14 stops. With advanced process, higher ISO and lower noise, TERRA 4K is twice as low as TERRA 6K noise level, with no need to lower ISO, very convenient and powerful.

Super-Fast Post Workflow: ProRes or cDNG

TERRA 4K can record up to 4K even 6K ProRes 422HQ directly to get a super-fast workflow with very high quality footages: ProRes 422HQ is much better than codecs based on H264, and compatible with all post-workflow softwares. It can also record compressed RAW as cDNG internaly: cDNG returns again in the form of an ajustable compression ratio. Current firmware supports three different compression ratios, 3:1, 5:1 and 7:1 respectively and all of them can get super image quality and large post-adjustment space. Davinci Resolve supports cDNG natively so that it can make film editing and color modulation internaly.

2.5″ SSD

SATA 3.0 interface
2.5″ 7mm SSD, compatible
No need external recorder
Recommend KineMAG 500GB/1TB

Custom LUT

Custom 3D LUT upload to TERRA
Size up to 33*33*33
Unlimited number of LUT
Switching LUT instantly


Oversampling to ProRes
Crop mode: higher speed, more res
KineEnhancer: Larger image frame
Combination for more fps and framing

4:3 Anamorphic

TERRA 4K: 3700×2800@50fps
TERRA 6K: 4320×3240@30fps
Desqueezed for monitoring

Complete Accessories

KineMON: FullHD monitor by one cord
SideGrip: Handgrip w/ powering and control
KineBACK: SDI, XLR audio, V-mount and more
KineKIT-TERRA: Perfect cine rig by Movcam

Recommendation for TERRA packages:


Besides, the following general accessory bundles for TERRA are recommended for TERRA owners to set up camera and accessories into appropriate configuration. Discount on three bundles is up to from US $500 to $1000.

Merging all the performance of cinema cameras into such little beauty, this is TERRA: Creation, No boundaries. Not only for one-man job, but also for professional crew; ProRes codecs speeds up the post workflow greatly.

1. Lens mounts

MAVO LF/MAVO/TERRA has universal KineMOUNT as the native mount, but it needs to work with different types of adapters for lenses.

With KineMOUNT, you will get the maximum possibility for using different lens even with different mounts: using different mounting adapter on demand. Besides, just like attaching a lens, it is very easy and fast to attach the adapter to KineMOUNT with no need of adjusting FFD.

    1. PL mounting adapter II: For cinema PL lens;
    2. PL mounting adapter II with e-ND: For cinema PL lens with built-in electronic ND;
    3. EF Mounting Adapter II: For EF lens;
    4. EF mounting adapter II with KineEnhancer: For equivalent full-frame shooting with full-frame EF lens;
    5. EF Mounting Adapter II with e-ND: For EF lens with built-in electronic ND;
    6. SONY FE/E Mounting Adapter: For SONY FE/E lens, currently the E mounting adapter only supports full manual lenses like Fuji MK18-55, 50-135.

Note: EF mounting adapter supports electronic iris-control, while Nikon F mounting adapter does not support electronic iris-control, but it can support only G lens iris-control by technical ring. In addition, individual mounting adapters are accessories, not included in the body when purchase.

Since 2014, every mount or mounting adapter made by Kinefinity is lock-type mount, like cinema PL mounting lock mechanism. It provides much better stability; fits very well in professional way when video shots using follow-focus gear.

2. Shoulder pack (Fits only KineKIT-TERRA as Movcam rig for TERRA)

KineKIT-TERRA has an option for shoulder pack, which includes:

  1. Movcam right-side wooden handgrip: x1;
  2. Movcam TERRA Trigger Cable, coiled: x1 – connect the control port of TERRA to the handgrip so as to trigger on or off by the button on the handgrip;
  3. Movcam Rosette Extension Arm: x1;
  4. Movcam Rosette Offset Adapter: x1;
  5. Movcam KineMON Mount (tailored for KineMON): x1.

This option of shoulder pack is totally worth it; you can shoot on your shoulder very comfortably.

Since MAVO LF/MAVO/TERRA has industry-standard monitoring ports, industry-standard memory slots, industry-standard battery mount and flexible mounting options, you can configure your own camera according to your budget, your lens, accessories and monitors. 

1. Typical configurations

Recommend two practical and cost-saving packages: Basic pack is suitable for one-man job, Pro pack is for film crew with more accessories options while Premium pack includes innovative DarkTower wireless platform:


Note: KineBACK-W only supports SONY V-mount battery plate. For Anton-Bauer broadcast battery, you need to buy a V-mount to Anton-Bauer plate adapter.

2. Three universal accessories packages

For universal accessories, there are three packages to save your time and cost:

3. Options on lens mounts

Please refer to mounting options (second tab of this page).

4. DIY by Kinefinity and 3rd party accessories

There are many available accessories for MAVO/TERRA: not only from Kinefinity, but also from third-party companies, off-the-shelf, qualified and verified by Kinefinity.

    1. KineMON: tailored for MAVO/TERRA. Connects with camera body by only one Kine video cord, and gets power supply and video signal from the camera. KineMON-5L is easy to be mounted on body firmly;
    2. KineBACK-W: features dual 3G-SDI monitoring outputs, dual XLR ports for Phantom-powered 48V MIC, timecode input and output, SYNC, DC Power outputs, all-metal V-mount battery plate with dual D-Tap ports;
    3. SideGrip: designed for MAVO/TERRA with power supply and full control of the camera. Metal structure is applied for better heat dissipation. SideGrip powers MAVO/TERRA with GripBAT 45Wh battery (BP-U30 compatible) for more than one hour thanks to low-power design;
    4. GripBAT 45Wh: GripBAT 45Wh matches SideGrip for MAVO/TERRA. Capacity up to 45Wh enables a power supply about 100 mins for MAVO/TERRA, even with KineMON. Work with SideGip, it servse as an UPS if powered by V-mount battery.
    5. KineMAG 500GB/1TB: born to match Kine cameras with reliability and long life, all-metal case and good heat dissipation. There is a slot on one end of KineMAG+, which perfectly facilitates pull-plug operation between the SSD and MAVO/TERRA body.
    6. KineBAT 120Wh: Super compact V-mount KineBAT 120Wh is designed specifically to match MAVO/TERRA and other small cinema camera. It can even be placed in palm, with up to 120Wh power. MAVO/TERRA detects the battery and displays the remaining time when attached to V-mount;
    7. KineKIT-TERRA: takes into account of MAVO/TERRA in different scenarios, such as hand-held, tripod, gimbal and shoulder application, high and low shooting angles, etc., which makes it best choice for MAVO/TERRA.
    8. Mounting adapters II: for MAVO/TERRA with KineMOUNT: re-designed to be light with electronic contact (active) in order to support PL mounting adapter with /i tech and new cordless EF mounting adapter;
    9. More TERRA accessories: including cables, solid cases, etc.

There are also many cost-saving third-party accessories which match MAVO/TERRA perfectly:

    1. Movcam high-quality universal accessories: lightweight and solid, including follow focus, matte box, quick release plate for 15mm system or 19mm system;
    2. Best Glass IRND filter: NiSi Cinema IRND filter;
    3. SmallHD 7" LCD and OLED field monitors: 702 LCD&702OLED;
    4. Best Micro OLED Viewfinder Gratical EYE EVF;
    5. Balanced Zacuto KIT Recoil KIT;
    6. Most Competitive Tripod Package: Trix/Teris Pro Tripod Kit;
    7. Best Standard Monitor: FSI/Zunzheng broadcast/cinema monitors.
Image Format Format Resolution Max FPS Codec
sub S35 4K Wide 4096x1720 100 ProRes or KRW
4K 4096x2160 75 ProRes or KRW
4K HD Wide 3840x1600 100 ProRes or KRW
4K HD 3840x2160 75 ProRes or KRW
4K (Open Gate) 4096x2700 50 ProRes or KRW
3.7K 4:3 Anamorphic 3700x2700 50 ProRes or KRW
2K Wide (Oversample) 2048x860 100 ProRes
2K(Oversample) 2048x1080 75 ProRes
2K HD Wide(Oversample) 1920x800 100 ProRes
2K HD(Oversample) 1920x1080 75 ProRes
sub M43 3K Wide 3072x1200 150 ProRes or KRW
3K 3072x1620 120 ProRes or KRW
3K HD Wide 2880x1200 150 ProRes or KRW
3K HD 2880x1620 120 ProRes or KRW
sub S16 2K Wide 2048x860 240 ProRes or KRW
2K 2048x1080 196 ProRes or KRW
2K HD Wide 1920x800 240 ProRes or KRW
2K HD 1920x1080 196 ProRes or KRW
  • Frame Rate can be adjusted as 2~MAX fps, step accuracy of 0.001fps
Camera Type Film-Style Digital Cinema Camera
Imaging Sensor 4K sub-S35 Format CMOS Crop factor over FF: 1.85
Shutter Rolling Shutter
Lens Mount Native KineMOUNT as omni mount to be PL/EF/SONY E/Nikon F by solid mounting adapters *PL, PL e-ND *EF, EF e-ND, EF Enhancer *SONY E *Nikon F, F Enhancer
Record Formats Codec Type Codec Format Bit Depth
Compressed KineRAW 2.0 .krw 12bits
ProRes422HQ/422/422LT/Proxy .mov 10bits
Record Res 4K 3K 2K
4096x2700 3072x1620 2048x1080 3700x2700 3.7K 4:3
Max FPS 100@4K Wide 150@3K Wide 240@2K Wide
Dynamic Range 14 stops
ISO/EI Dual Native/Base ISO Max
3200 (from 1280) 800 (below 1280) 20480
Shutter Angle 0.7°~358°
Monitoring Video Port x1 HD Port x1 SDI x2* *Applicable on KineBACK
Record Media 2.5" SSD with 7mm Height
Audio Capture In-camera MIC; 3.5mm MIC-in; KineAudio* with 48V Phantom Power XLR *Applicable on KineBACK
Sync Function Tally, AutoSlate, Beeper, Trigger, SMPTE LTC*, 3D/Multi-cam Sync* *Applicable on KineBACK
LUT Preset: Neutral/Flat, Support Custom 3D LUT
Power Power In Consumption
DC IN 11~19V/SideGrip/V-Mount* 21W *Applicable on KineBACK
Body Color Titanium Grey
Weight 2.1 lb / 990 g *Only Body
Size 4.5x4.3x3.7" / 115x110x95 mm *W/o projections, WxHxL
Operating Temp 0°C to +40°C
  2. Any other trade marks belong to their respective owners.


MSRP(Body)US $11,999US $7,999US $3,999
CMOS SensorFull Frame 6K 3:2 CMOS Imaging SensorS35mm 6K 3:2 CMOS Imaging Sensorsub S35 4K 3:2 CMOS Imaging Sensor
Crop Factor over FF11.51.85
Max Resolution6016x4016
(24M Pixel)
(24M Pixel)
(11M Pixel)
Slow-MoFF: 75fps @6K Wide
S35: 80fps @5K Wide
S35: 100fps@4K Wide
S16: 200fps@2K Wide
S35: 66fps@6K Wide
M43: 100fps@4K Wide
16mm: 192fps@2K Wide
sub S35: 100fps@4K Wide
sub S16 240fps@2K Wide
Codec1. ProRes 444XQ/444
2. ProRes 422HQ/422/LT/Proxy
3. cDNG 3:1/5:1/7:1
4. KRW2.0: 2:1~10:1
1. ProRes 444XQ/444
2. ProRes 422HQ/422/LT/Proxy
3. cDNG 3:1/5:1/7:1
4. KRW2.0: 2:1~10:1
1. cDNG 3:1/5:1/7:1
2. ProRes 422HQ/422/LT/Proxy
3. KRW2.0: 2:1~10:1
AnamorphicFF Ana: 40fps@4:3 5376x4016
FF Ana: 40fps@6:5 4864x4016
S35 Ana: 50fps@4:3 4096x3072
S35 Ana: 50fps@1:1 3072x3072
S35 Ana: 40fps@4:3 5376x4016
S35 Ana: 40fps@6:5 4864x4016
sub S35: 4:3 3700x2700@50fps
Latitude>14 stops>14 stops14 stops
Base ISODual Native ISO
5120(From 3200)
800Dual Native
3200(from 1280)
800(below 1280)
Lens MountNative KineMOUNT as omni mount to be
PL/EF/SONY E by solid mounting adapters
Native KineMOUNT as omni mount to be
PL/EF/SONY Eby solid mounting adapters
Native KineMOUNT as omni mount to be
PL/EF/SONY E by solid mounting adapters
Powering1. SideGrip
2. Two-Pin DC Input
3. Integrated V mount Battery Plate (only available on KineBACK)
1. SideGrip
2. Two-Pin DC Input
3. Integrated V mount Battery Plate (only available on KineBACK)
1. SideGrip
2. Two-Pin DC Input
3. Integrated V mount Battery Plate (only available on KineBACK)
Video Monitoring
HD Monitoring111
Wireless Slot (For video and lens control)1
(only available on KineBACK-W)
(only available on KineBACK-W)
SDI Monitoring2

(only available on KineBACK-W)

(only available on KineBACK-W)
(only available on KineBACK)
Audio1. In-camera MIC
2. 3.5mm MIC-in
3. KineAudio: 48V Phantom MIC, Dual XLR (only available on KineBACK-W)
1. In-camera MIC
2. 3.5mm MIC-in
3. KineAudio: 48V Phantom MIC, Dual XLR (only available on KineBACK-W)
1. In-camera MIC
2. 3.5mm MIC-in
3. KineAudio: 48V Phantom MIC, Dual XLR (only available on KineBACK)
Status DisplayYesYes
Size (WxHxL)
(Without projections)
4.5x4.3x3.7" / 115x110x95 mm 4.5x4.3x3.7" / 115x110x95 mm 4.5x4.3x3.7" / 115x110x95 mm
Weight(Body only)2.1 lb / 990 g2.1 lb / 990 g2.1 lb / 990 g
Body ColorBlackBlackTitanium Grey