EF Mounting Adapter


It fits: [All Kinefinity Cameras].

True Cine style mounting adapter used for Kine Cameras with KineMOUNT. When attaching EF lens, it is very similar to Cine PL mount.

It supports majority of lens: Kine Camera displays Iris number and tune it directly.

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It is used on KineMOUNT, for Kine cameras. Kine cameras turn into camera which can use EF or EF-S lens in one second. (Please visit and buy the EF adapter with KineEnhancer if you want to shoot as Full Frame.)

WHOLE NEW LOCK-TYPE EF MOUNT.  From 2014 Jan, every mounting adapter employs whole new lock-type mount. Its fixing way is very similar to Cine PL mount: lock ring rotation, not lens rotation to make sure lens locked firmly in any case. Compared to traditional lock way based on metal spring, the new EF mount gains much better stability; fits very well in professional way when video shots using follow-focus gear. 

It supports majority of lens with iris-control: Kine camera displays Iris number and tune it directly. Also you can just disable electronic active EF mounting adapter so that protects it from all-metal lens backend.

EF Lens Compatible White-List: EF lens compatibility.

EF Cine Mounting adapter with KineEnhancer or not, features following:

  1. Reliable and robust, made of Aerometal Aluminium Alloy;
  2. New lock type mounting system: improve mechanical performance greatly;
  3. Support majority of EF lens with Iris control;
  4. Adjustable FFD, using steel shim;
  5. Interchangeable Mounting adapter for KineMOUNT; Quick and Robust for mount change.


  1. EF Cine mounting adapter with new lock type;
  2. Special push-pull cable for EF mounting adapter;
  3. Mount cap from Kinefinity;
  4. Back end cap from Kinefinity if with KineEnhancer;
  5. Shims: 25umx1; 50umx1; 100umx1.

FAQ about Canon EF mounting adapter

KineEnhancer is a term referring to specific technology developed by Kinefinity to realise focal reducer and increase aperture when using Full Frame lens to Kine cameras.

It is realised by a group of glasses with special design.

Very close. The crop factor of KineMAX is 1.1 if with KineEnhancer; the crop factor of KineMINI is 1.17 if with KineEnhancer.  

No. You may attach the EF-S lens to Adapter with KineEnhancer. But there is probably some back shadows around image.

Besides, EF-S lens often has longer back end than Full frame lens. The back end of lens may touch the KineEnhancer glass, then brings damage to the glass.

So before attach any lens to adapter with KineEnhancer, make sure it is Full Frame lens, and its back end does not touch the KineEnhancer glass.


You are NOT encouraged to get KineEnhancer out from the adapter, else the glass may be damaged, and FFD of adapter will be not accurate.

If you remove the KineEnhancer from the adapter, the FFD of adapter will be far away from EF mount. That means:

  1. Adapter with KineEnhancer is only used for Full Frame shooting.
  2. If you remove the glass, it will not work any longer.

So if you want to shoot as Full Frame and S35, you need to buy two adapters: one with KineEnhancer, the other w/o KineEnhancer.

Yes. Actually, it is a trade-in program, because you can not just install a glass into adapter w/o KineEnhancer to turn into a usable adapter w/ KineEnhancer.

Return to Kinefinity Factory or Authorised Dealer to do trade-in program. It takes 2~3 weeks, generally.

The trade-in cost is $299.


It supports ZE lens.

Please EF Lens Compatible White-List: EF lens compatibility

First, make sure your camera employs KineMOUNT.

Caution: KineMOUNT FFD is very short, so install adapters onto KineMOUNT very carefully to prevent anything from touching sensor/OLPF.

  1. Connect the Cable to MISC port of Kine Camera, and Mounting adapter at first: Red dot mark to Notch on socket.
  2. Release the locking ring of KineMOUNT in Counter-Clockwise way;
  3. Install the adapter to KineMOUNT: Notch on the adapter to the location PIN in the KineMOUNT. There is pin located at 45 degree in the left corner of KineMOUNT;
  4. Rotate the locking ring of KineMOUNT to fasten adapter with KineMOUNT firmly in Clockwise way.

Note: Press Config button on Kine, it will pop up menu to check if there is EF sys 7 at the bottom the menu. It is OK if the ef sys 7 shows, else the connection does not been installed well.

Not so far.

For KineMINI 4K: press Multi-Function Dial–>RIGHT button once, then it pops out the available iris number list on the monitor. Scroll dial button to change the iris number to what you want.

For KineMAX 6K: press Iris button, then it pops out the available iris number list on the monitor or LCD screen of side panel. Scroll dial button to change the iris number to what you want.

If with KineGrip, just use Iris dial on KineGrip directly.

The FFD is adjusted for new camera with adapter.

You need following things to adjust FFD if tuning FFD is needed:

  1. Flange test diagram;
  2. The shim for the adapter;
  3. A new prime lens or zoom lens;
  4. Measuring tape.