Workflow of KineRAW(.KRW)

KineRAW (.KRW) codec, cinema-level codec is developed by Kinefinity with great efforts and resources: lossless, very high efficiency. It really fits 6K, 5K, 4K recording and HiSpeed recording, saves much more storage room, for easier data backup.

TIP: Kine camera does not record only KRW codec, for KineMAX and KineMINI, it can record Cineform and CinemaDNG at relatively low resolution. You can follow workflow of Cineform and CinemaDNG if you record Cineform or CinemaDNG when shooting. For 5K, 6K, or HiSpeed clips, the only choice is KRW, it is necessary to know the workflow of KRW.

KineRAW/KRW as a new and creative codec gets the perfect support from SCRATCH v8.4. For the workflow, we will appeal to SCRATCH v8.4 (Free for one-year renting for KineMAX users) and KineStation (free, from Kinefinity). There are three workflows:

1. Proxy edit+ grade in SCRATCH


Set recording codec to KineRAW + (as KineRAW + Proxy) in the setting of KineMAX, then it generates two clips for every shot:

  • Master clips: High resolution in KRW;
  • Proxy clips: low resolution in Cineform mov.

Edit these proxy clips in NLE, and output XML to SCRATCH v8.4 for conform with master clips, and grade master clips in SCRATCH v8.4. It is fastest workflow for KRW: there is no transcoding in the whole process. It also brings the best results for grading because it works on native RAW file directly.

TIP: It only needs a high-end iMac to work on 6K RAW file smoothly because SCRATCH and KRW are very very efficient software and codec in the planet.

TIP: Always recommend to edit clips in proxy mode, especially for 4K, 6K such high data rate clips: it protects master files and even harddisc; it speeds editing work much faster because of much smaller files and easy to be allocated to different people for editing.

2. ProRes Transcoding by SCRATCH


If you do not use SCRATCH for grading, you have to transcde the KRW master files into more popular codec like ProRes. Use SCRATCH as a super transcoding software: SCRATCH can transcode KRW into two clips at one time:

  • Master: ProRes4444XQ, or ProRes444, or ProRes422HQ with KineLOG3 for grading.
  • Proxy: ProRes422 Proxy, 1080p, with monitoring LUT for editing.

TIP: Always recommend to edit clips in proxy mode, especially for 4K, 6K such high data rate clips, even your workstation can process 4K ProRes smoothly. 

3. Cineform/ProRes Transcoding by KineStation


KineStation can run on Windows and MAC OS platform. It transcodes CinemaDNG/KRW sequence, timecode, audio and LUT into Cineform RAW mov/Cineform RGB 444 mov/ProRes mov so that you can use Cineform or ProRes workflow.

TIP: It is straightforward, but KineStation only exploits the CPU to transcode, so it is much slower than SCRATCH when transcoding to ProRes.