KineStation v0.9

The key point of KineStation upgrading from V0.8 to V0.9 is that it supports TERRA and KineOS5.0.
  1. Support KRW from TERRA;
  2. Transcode into ProRes4444/XQ;
  3. Transcode into uncompressed standard CinemaDNG: not for HiSpeed clips.
Stability of this version: Evaluation. Note: work with KineOS0.5.

Download KineStation

Download Windows version now: Download Now >>
Download MAC version now: Download Now >>

Download KineOS v5.0: Check new KineOS >>

KineStation FAQ

Why does anti-virus software on my windows regard KineStation as Trojan horse?
Don’t worry about that; just ignore the warning. Your anti-virus software makes warning because KineStation has an encrypted shell to protect intellectual property.
KineStation support MAC OS?
Yes. Only difference between Windows and MAC OS is:
  1. Windows version of KineStation can be downloaded from our official website; and MAC version NOT. Just write an email to Kinefinity/Kinefinity distributors for it after you get your cameras and buy KineStation;
  2. New function may run on Windows at first.
What software do I need to install to run KineStation?
Both Windows OS and MAC OS need QuickTime7, a free software.
Why does KineStation report error: Can not generate new mov file?
Possible reason:
    1. Not install Quicktime mov;
    2. Destination path needs to be English path, especially MAC version;
    3. Volume label of Destination path needs to be English word, such as MyKine;
Please change a PC or MAC to try it if you already fix above items, because your PC may contains so many codecs or plugins to be conflicted.
Why does KineStation stop to work during transcoding?
Possible reason: you may suffer frame drop during recording clips at frontend. Please use KineMAG+ SSD.