KineOS 4.0 (for KineMAX and KineMINI)

KineOS 4.0 sets a new standard on modern cinema camera. The update supports full function of KinemAX as HiSpeed mode, Timecode SYNC input and output, golden 3K, for KineMINI it provides custom LUT, new KineLOG3, proxy recording etc.

1. 4K 100fps and 2K 225fps!: Enable HiSpeed mode of KineMAX, provide powerful slow-mo.

  • HiSpeed: 100fps @4K Wide, S35 framing;
  • HiSpeed: 150fps @3K Wide, M4/3 framing;
  • HiSpeed: 225fps @2K Wide, S16 framing
  • HiSpeed Mode will not be a single setup, but can be accessed easily under same framing.

2. Custom LUT: from shooting to post with custom LUT.

  • You can upload the LUT which you like, or DP like, or recognised by post house to KineMAX 6K or KineMINI 4K, so that the workflow from shooting to post will be optimised and reduce the time for you, also help on-site lighting and art work;
  • Record KRW or Cineform with custom LUT; it does not burn into footage: RAW is RAW, on-site LUT for monitoring is dumped to clip folder;
  • Switch different LUT/Look instantly when monitoring;
  • Upload to camera as you want: no limit on LUT amount;
  • In-camera two preset LUTs as Neutral and FLAT: Neutral recovers balanced tone, normal saturation and contrast, while FLAT provides another Look;
  • Support 3D LUT from 8x8x8 up to 33x33x33.

3. Improved KineRAW codec and better LOG curve as KineLOG3 for Kine cameras: better highlights, higher latitude.

  • New KineLOG/KineLOG3: better highlights, higher latitude (KineMAX 6K> 14 f-stops, KineMINI >13 f-stops);
  • 18% Grey level tunes higher than KineLOG2;
  • 18% Grey level remains unchanged over different highlight levels and EI mode, so that you can get the same exposure level for shooting and post;
  • New KineRAW/KRW2.0, from sequenced-based files to single packed file;
  • New KineRAW/KRW2.0, much faster playback in SCRATCH;
  • New KineRAW/KRW2.0, support power-failure protection (must work with SCRATCH V8.4);

4. In-camera proxy recording: Speed up the workflow of 4K and 6K project:

  • Can record proxy when codec is KRW: you can use proxy files for playback and editing offline;
  • Format of current proxy file is Cineform mov;
  • Resolution of proxy file is adaptive based on different fps and resolution when recording: 1K~2K.
  • Media in SSD contains two folders: Master and Proxy. They contains same name of clips recorded.

5. KineMAX Golden 3K/2K: Golden 3K/2K with higher latitude, no compromise:

  • Enable Golden 3K recording: S35mm Golden 3K, with maximum latitude(>15 f-stops);
  • Golden 2K at M4/3 framing also get the best latitude;
  • Anamorphic 2.2K at M4/3 framing also get the best latitude;
  • Golden 3K recording of KineMAX is one of the best choice in terms of latitude, data rate and post workflow (Alexa RAW recording is 2880×1620, and down convert to 1080p ProRes).

6. KineMAX KineAudio : High quality audio recording:

  • KineAudio is professional audio module embedded in the KineMAX to provide audio up to broadcasting level;
  • Support phantom 48V MIC, also MIC w/o phantom 48V (in-camera setting);
  • KineAudio Port is 6-Pin MOCO socket(very similar to Alexa MINI Audio port), and an XLR box which can be installed anywhere by 1/4″ screw or 15mm rod;
  • recorded tracks can be linked to KRW clips seamlessly and automatically.

7. KineMAX Timecode sync input and output:

  • KineMAX can be synced by external timecode generator by 4-Pin MOCO TC port; like Ambient ACL204;
  • KineMAX can sync to external devices by 4-Pin MOCO TC port; like SoundDevice recorders;
  • Multiple cords work with different equipments.

8. Improvements:

  • Control Iris of EF lens (electronic, in white list) directly by multi-function dial in LiveView mode;
  • Improve the dead pixel removal algorithm at HiSpeed mode;
  • Eliminate the stutter of KineMINI 4K KRW playback;
  • Provide accurate codec option based on different resolution and fps, automatically.

Stability of Firmware: Evaluation. Note: Must use with V0.86 KineStation.

Download Firmware of KineMAX 6K: Download KineMAX firmware >>

Download Firmware of KineMINI 4K: Download KineMINI firmware >>

Access KineStation v0.86: Check the latest v0.86 KineStation >

Notes: Updating firmware is easy and quick: Download firmware to FAT USB stick; insert it to USB port of Kine camera; choose upgrade firmware in Config Menu. The update job is done in less two minute. It takes effect after reboot. Strongly suggest to restore to factory setting after reboot to prevent unexpected setting conflict with new firmware.