CinemaDNG Workflow

CinemaDNG ™is frame-based, just like Film. CinemaDNG™ offers maximum image quality and license free archive of your shots as “Digital Negative” that can be processed any way you like and be archived in an “open file format” that can be accessed and supported for all time to come, no matter what happens.


KineRAW-MINI is lightweight and solid digital cinema camera, while remains being powerful and versatile tool for 35mm like Cinematography. With more professional accessories, KineRAW-MINI can be configured as full function cinema tool easily. Note: KineRAW-MINI is previous model of KineMINI 4K. Please find more information about new KineMINI 4K. 

Micro-Doc The Iron Psyche (by KR-S35)

Director: Matt Allard; Shot by: Matt Allard, Clinton Harn, Phil Arntz; Location: Australia Camera: KineRAW-S35; FS700 for high-speed shots; Lens: Carl Zeiss ZF, GL optics(Tokina 11-16mm Converted);