2020 Double Twelve Spree

PROMOTION TIME: 2020.12.11 00:00-12.12 24:00 (Beijing Time) I. Battled-tested MAVO/TERRA 4K, only available this time MAVO, is based on the advanced color processing architecture and whole new S35 CMOS imaging sensor to achieve super low-noise, wide dynamic range. MAVO provides 66fps @6K wide or 100fps @4K wide output brings stunning details and organic images. TERRA […]

Black Friday Promotion

PROMOTION TIME: 2020.11.27-2020.11.30 (Beijing Time). NO.1 High Performance Battery Old version KineBAT 120 Wh is designed specifically to match TERRA and other small cinema camera. It can even be placed in palm, with up to 120Wh power. TERRA detects the battery and displays the remaining time when attached to V-mount. Whole-new PD KineBAT updades traditional […]

2020 Double Eleven Spree

PROMOTION TIME: 2020.11.11-2020.11.12 (Beijing Time). NO.1 MAVO LF Battled-tested MAVO LF, only available this time. MAVO LF, new and large-frame cine camera, 6k 75fps with 5120/800 Dual Native ISO brings stunning details, organic image and exceptional image quality, more immersive presence. The battle-tested MAVO LF origins from expo, trial or test. After careful adjustment and […]

Firmware KineOS 6.5

KineOS 6.5 adds powerful internet functions so as to support a host of internet service and control functions including wireless WIFI connection, brand-new Kinefinity Connect control agreement, built-in SRT Stream server and so on. Users can control and monitor the camera in a wireless way and even livestream with ease by using Kinefinity cinema cameras. […]

Firmware KineOS 6.4

KineOS 6.4 is the newest version of firmwares for MAVO LF/MAVO/TERRA 4K. It brings the super smoother monitoring with very low latency and internal preview video for fluent playback for 6K footage and ProRes4444 or 4444XQ. Not limited to these, the best entry-level cinema camera TERRA 4K updates with highest quality codec: ProRes4444/4444XQ encoding that […]

Kinefinity Launched Brand-new MAVO Edge 8K

On April 27th, 2020, Beijing- Kinefinity released MAVO Edge, a brand-new large-format 8K cine camera. With a whole-new carbon fiber camera body, MAVO Edge is equipped with a stunning 8K 75P CMOS imaging sensor and cutting-edge image processing engine, which elevate the Kinefinity camera system to a whole new level. Featuring internal motorized full-spectrum e-ND, […]

Kinefinity Camera Product Line is Listed at a New Price!

Beijing, Feb 14th, 2020-Since 2017, Kinefinity had released three cinema cameras: TERRA 4K, MAVO and MAVO LF. During this time, while receiving numerous industry awards, the cameras have served as professional tools to help filmmakers create excellent images. At the same time, Kinefinity put a lot of efforts in optimizing the supply chain and production […]

Shot on Kinefinity cameras

No matter MAVO LF, MAVO, or TERRA 4K, they feature state-of-art CMOS imaging sensors, and achieve super organic and low-noise images with high dynamic range, stunning details, from sub-S35, S35 to Full Frame.  We will keep updating video works shot by Kinefinity cameras, and some of them have footages for downloading. If you also want […]

固件KineOS 6.3

KineOS 6.3对于MAVO LF/MAVO/TERRA 4K而言,从底层开始全面优化监看画面,实现超低延迟和顺畅无比的监看体验,此外,本次更新还添加了单帧拍照模式!对于MAVO LF而言,升格性能大幅提升,帧率提高50%,实现S35 4K 150fps! KineOS 6.3适配MAVO LF、MAVO和TERRA 4K,但是并非所有新功能适用在上述机型。 1. 超低延迟、更顺畅的监看 从底层开始全面优化监看画面,大幅降低高分辨率下监看延迟,带来超低延迟和顺畅无比的监看体验!搭配同样具备超低延迟的全新基于DirectClear平台的KineMON-5U、KineMON-7H延迟减小到100ms以内,而搭配全新KineEVF,监看延迟更是减小到80ms。 即使使用非DirectClear/第三方监视器,也能够获得比之前更低延迟、更流畅的监看! 2. 大幅提升MAVO LF升格能力 在6.3固件中,MAVO LF升格性能大幅提升,不同分辨率下的最高帧率提高50%,实现S35 4K 150fps!3K Wide 150fps!2K Wide 290fps! 6K Open Gate:40–>48fps; 6K DCI:50–>60fps; 4K DCI:75–>112fps; 4K HD Wide:100–>150fps; 3K Wide:150–>195fps; 2K HD Wide:200–>290fps。 3. 新增单帧拍照模式 在6.3固件中,新增单帧拍照模式,支持单帧无损cDNG的拍摄!在保留极佳的超高画质的同时,实现电影摄影机和相机的结合。 提示:单帧拍照模式,在编码格式为cDNG下,可以设置使用,在ProRes4444/422HQ下,没有开启拍照模式。 4. 修复bug和提高稳定性 支持新款监视器KineMON-5U、KineMON-7H和KineEVF; 增加纵向变宽比例; 提高监看画面质量; 修复cDNG缓存,提高cDNG记录格式下的稳定性; 修复ProRes4444白平衡设置; 提高稳定性; 其他问题。 该固件的稳定度:评估。 […]

MAVO LF大画幅摄影机系统@2019北京展会

1A119,2019.8.21-24日,BIRTV,北京·中国国际展览馆(老国展)。卓曜科技/Kinefinity即将参加2019北京国际广播电影电视展览会BIRTV,展示旗舰MAVO LF大画幅电影摄影机、MAVO S35和入门级TERRA 4K电影摄影机、MAVO Prime大幅面定焦镜头组,以及今年全新发布的OLED KineEVF寻像器、高亮七寸监和超亮五寸监。从大画幅摄影机、全新监看方案到大幅升级的固件,整体来诠释精巧又强悍的MAVO/TERRA电影机如何实现从前期拍摄到后期顺畅的工作流程: 1. MAVO LF:隐匿于超小机身中的大画幅电影美学、拥有5120/800双原生ISO、6K 75格、4K 150格超强升格能力、机内录制ProRes4444XQ&RAW的6K大画幅电影摄影机; 2. MAVO:支持4:3和6:5变宽拍摄、可机内录制ProRes4444XQ&RAW的经典旗舰级6K S35电影摄影机; 3. TERRA 4K:拥有4K 160格、2K 320格的超强“小高速机”、3200/800双原生ISO、可机内录制ProRes&RAW的最佳入门级电影摄影机; 4. MAVO Prime:大画幅、零色散、T2.0电影定焦组; 5. 全新KineMON-5H/7H:高亮1000nits的全高清7寸监视器和超亮2000nits的全高清5寸监视器,采用DirectClear高效技术平台,实现超低延迟、精准色彩、迅捷响应和超低功耗的新一代监视器; 6. KineEVF:采用超凡的光学设计实现零畸变的取景画面,采用DirectClear高效技术平台,实现零延迟、超低功耗的1600万色全高清OLED电影级寻像器; 7. 全新KineOS 6.3:从底层开始全面优化监看画面,实现超低延迟和顺畅无比的监看画面;此外,MAVO LF升格性能大幅提升50%!实现S35 4K 150fps,还添加单帧拍照模式。 在Kinefinity展位还能体验到Movcam全新三通道无线跟焦,以及阿莱Signature Prime,安琴EZ 45-135,ATLAS 变宽,FUJINON MK 变焦等镜头,此外,在安琴、适马、Movcam、铁头、ATOMOS、智云、MOZA、影宸、图瑞斯、PDMovie、Accsoon、飞宇等展位,都能体验到Kinefinity电影机。 1A119,在凉爽的北京清秋,MAVO LF大画幅摄影机系统和它的小伙伴们,不见不散!^_^