Kinefinity New Distributor in Australasia

November 30th, 2022 Kinefinity is excited to announce its new Australasian distributor located in New Zealand and Australia. Our new distributor, Rubber Monkey, offers online and offline product information, sales, and tech support. They will provide all the customers local and rapid service for Kinefinity products. Please visit Rubber Monkey for the latest products, like the MAVO […]

Black Friday 2022

Time to have some shopping fever! Celebrate Black Friday and Cyber Monday with Kinefinity. Save up to $3,600 off for battle-tested MAVO Edge cameras and special discount for almost everything! The event begins on November 24, 2022. Make your best choice with the best discounts!   Battle-tested cameras and accessories, get up to $3,600 off […]

Firmware KineOS 7.1

Kinefinity officially released the firmware KineOS 7.1 for MAVO Edge cameras. KineOS 7.1 has fully optimized and upgraded the SDI function. While monitoring, SDI status bar and menu can fully display on the screen. More SDI frame rate settings and trigger recording function has been added In this updating, we also launched the whole new […]

Trade Up To MAVO Edge

Kinefinity start the new TRADE-IN program for MAVO Edge from now! Growing up with our clients as a tradition of Kinefinity, we keep providing upgrading path to our dear clients. Now, there are broad ways for different Kine cameras to our whole-new flagship MAVO Edge 8K/6K. Trade Up To MAVO Edge 8K Trade Now Trade Up To MAVO […]

Download Footages of TINNITUS

Footage 1 Clip name: A003C002_20220224_D459 Scenario: Indoor ISO: 800 ND: Clear WB: 3200K Highlight: 5.0 FPS: 24fps Camera: MAVO Edge 6K Color Correction: GafpaGear Download Clip: A003C002_20220224_D459 Footage 2 Clip name: A006C005_20220227_E4FD  Scenario: Indoor ISO: 5120 ND: Clear WB: 4300K Highlight: 6.0 FPS: 24fps Camera: MAVO Edge 6K Color Correction: GafpaGear Download Clip: A006C005_20220227_E4FD Footage 3 […]


The shooting site of Tinnitus crew “The Tibetan plateau has strong sunlight and variable cloud cover. So the overall control of the exposure process, I was much benefited from the MAVO Edge 6K three design: built-in ND, dual native ISO, and highlight stops. These three designs give me efficiency and flexibility in exposure that no […]

Kinefinity Los Angeles Grand Opening

Burbank, CA – October 18th, 2021 Kinefinity is excited to announce the grand opening of its US branch located in Southern California. Our brand-new Burbank location will feature a Service Center right in the heart of Hollywood. It is here that Kinefinity will offer in-house servicing, in-person customer service, and direct solutions to any problems […]

Firmware KineOS 7.0

Kinefinity officially released the KineOS 7.0 firmware for the MAVO Edge camera. This firmware update has redesigned the User Interface, combined with new touchscreen functions and new menus to improve the interactive experience while simplifying the workflow, making it easy for photographers to get a more perfect experience. In addition, KineOS 7.0 supports Cooke/i protocol […]

2020 Double Twelve Spree

PROMOTION TIME: 2020.12.11 00:00-12.12 24:00 (Beijing Time) I. Battled-tested MAVO/TERRA 4K, only available this time MAVO, is based on the advanced color processing architecture and whole new S35 CMOS imaging sensor to achieve super low-noise, wide dynamic range. MAVO provides 66fps @6K wide or 100fps @4K wide output brings stunning details and organic images. TERRA […]

Black Friday Promotion

PROMOTION TIME: 2020.11.27-2020.11.30 (Beijing Time). NO.1 High Performance Battery Old version KineBAT 120 Wh is designed specifically to match TERRA and other small cinema camera. It can even be placed in palm, with up to 120Wh power. TERRA detects the battery and displays the remaining time when attached to V-mount. Whole-new PD KineBAT updades traditional […]