Shot on Kine Cameras

Since KineRAW-MINI and KineRAW-S35 Share the same sensor, OLPF and codecs, the image quality is same too. However, KineMINI 4K uses different OLPF over KineRAW-MINI and KineRAW-S35, so the image from KineMINI 4K is different (supposed to be better than KineRAW-MINI and KineRAW-S35).

While KineMAX 6K camera employs whole-new CMOS sensor and OLPF, it can deliver much better image in terms of latitude, resolution and color.

1. Video and Footages Shot on KineMAX 6K:

2. Video and Footages Shot on KineMINI 4K:

3. Video and Footages Shot on KineRAW-MINI & KineRAW-S35: