Shot on MAVO LF


MAVO LF as flagship LF Cinema camera from Kinefinity, provides cleaner images, wider viewing angles, shallower depth of field, and more immersive presence for cinematographers. We will keep updating video works shot by MAVO LF, and some of them have footages for downloading.

If you also want to share your works here, please contact us by Email.

2019.01 Richmond Hill

Camera: MAVO LF;
Lens: Canon 100-400mm f4.5-5.6L II, Canon 24-70mm f2.8L II, LAOWA 12mm F2.8;
Codec format: ProRes 422, ISO @320-1000;
Cameraman: Philip Bloom;
Edited & Graded by: Philip Bloom.

Link for the video:

2018.10  Test Footages: High ISO, 6K Slow-mo and Open Gate

The following four clips were shot to test MAVO LF on different shooting modes as High native ISO up to 5120, 50fps slow-mo, open gate etc., with three type of lenses:

  • BIRTV-0001-005-A1-178F: ISO up to 8000, 6K 50fps, lens as EZ1 FF 45-135mm T3.0;
  • PRJ-0001-001-A1-F863: ISO as high native 5120, 6K 25fps, lens as MAVO Prime 75mm T2.0;
  • PRJ-0001-017-A1-50A6: ISO as high native 5120, 4.8K 4:3 FF, 25fps, lens as Atlas 65mm T2.8;
  • PRJ-0001-293-A1-494D: ISO 800, 6KOpen Gate, 25fps; MAVO Prime 50mm T2.0.

Note: Atlas Orion anamorphic lens set are for S35 camera, so there are some vintages when shooting with MAVO FF anamorphic mode.

Download four clips from MAVO LF: Download the footages >

2018.9  MAVO LF Footages: Summer in Taiwan

Camera: MAVO LF; Lens: Leitz Summicron-C 35mm 50mm 75mm; filter: Schneider blackmagic 1/8;
Record format: Full Frame in-camera oversampling UHD 3840×2160@30fps, ISO@800~2000;
Codec format: In-camera Apple ProRes4444;
Cameraman: Zhongnian, Youfeng and Lu Xin;
Frame Graded by: Youfeng(Resolve).

Note: Image circle diameter of Summicron-C(35/50/75mm) is 36mm, but their illumination circles can roughly cover MAVO LF 16:9.

Footage Download: Six MAVO LF Clips>

Note: the copyright of the videos and clips are reserved to the original authors.