KineMINI Trade-In Plan (to KineMAX 6K)

From: $3,999

KineMAX is targeted very high quality film/video delivery including real 4K delivery. It covers 6K, 4K, golden 3K/2K, 1080p, with very high latitude from 14 f-stops up to 16 f-stops. 4K wide up to 100fps as slow-mo, 2K wide up to 225fps as super slow-mo, HiSpeed mode.

It remains very compact and lightweight too.

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Since the shipment of KineMINI 4K at the beginning of 2014, KineMINI has become the most popular Kine camera because of its amazing image quality, high performance price ratio and reliable quality. It helps our dear customers create numerous great visual works.

KineMAX 6K came into the market in the middle of 2015. As cinema camera with top spec, it improves much the recording resolution, frame rate, latitude and integration over KineMINI 4K. Furthermore, it features better look and more professional manner than KineMINI 4K. In order to help KineMINI 4K users enjoy our latest technology and platform, we offer a trade-in plan from KineMINI to KineMAX 6K.

Trade-in cost starts from US $3,999  dependent on different options of KineMINI which were bought before:

  1. US $3,999 if traded KineMINI has 4K option AND HiSpeed option;
  2. US $4,399 if traded KineMINI has 4K option OR HiSpeed option;
  3. US $4,999 if traded KineMINI has Neither 4K option Nor HiSpeed option;

Duration: From now on to May 30th, 2016.

Customers need to return following items:

  1. Only KineMINI 4K camera body*;
  2. Please return mounting adapters like EF mounting adapter, PL mounting adapter for FFD calibration with new KineMAX, if the KineMINI has KineMOUNT;
  3. Also return KineGrip for tuning with KineMAX if bought before KineGrip.

*: Camera body should be in good condition as a whole, and CMOS Sensor should be free of scratches.

Frame Format Resolution MAX FPS KineRAW CinemaDNG Cineform
S35 6K HD 5760x3240 25
6K HD Wide 5760x2400 30
Golden 3K 2880x1620 30
Golden 3K Wide 2880x1200 40
HiSpeed S35 4K HD 3840x2160 75
4K HD Wide 3840x1600 100
M4/3 4.3K 4:3 Anamorphic 4320x3240 30
4K 4:3 Anamorphic 4096x3072 30
4K 4096x2160 44 ✔* up to 30fps
4K Wide 4096x1716 56 ✔* up to 30fps
4K HD 3840x2160 44 ✔* up to 30fps
4K HD Wide 3840x1600 60 ✔* up to 30fps
Golden 2.2K Ana 2176x1620 30
Golden 2K Ana 2048x1536 30
Golden 2K 2048x1080 44
Golden 2K Wide 2048x860 54
Golden 2K HD 1920x1080 44
Golden 2K HD Wide 1920x860 54
HiSpeed M4/3 3K HD 2880x1620 115
3K HD Wide 2880x1208 150
S16 3K 3072x1620 59
3K Wide 3072x1280 75
3K HD 2880x1620 59 ✔* up to 30fps
3K HD Wide 2880x1200 75 ✔* up to 30fps
HiSpeed S16 2K 2048x1080 170
2K Wide 2048x800 225
2K HD 1920x1080 170
2K HD Wide 1920x800 225
16mm 2K 2048x1080 88 ✔* up to 50fps
2K Wide 2048x860 110 ✔* up to 50fps
2K HD 1920x1080 88 ✔* up to 50fps
2K HD Wide 1920x800 118 ✔* up to 50fps
  1. When Cineform recording, frame rate should be less than 25fps @3K HD, 48fps@2K HD.
  2. When CinemaDNG recording, frame rate should be less than 30fps@4K, 60fps@3K.
  3. Frame Rate can be adjusted as 6~MAX fps, step accuracy of 0.001fps

Camera Type S35mm Film-Style Digital Cinema Camera
Sensor Type 6K S35mm Format CMOS
Lens Mount New Lock-Style EF Mount Or Steel KineMOUNT
Record Formats Codec Type Codec Format Bit Depth
Compressed RAW KineRAW(.krw) 12bits *Applicable: All Resolution
Uncompressed RAW CinemaDNG(.dng) 12bits *Applicable: 4K&Below
Compressed RAW Cineform(.mov) 12bits *Applicable: 3K&Below
Record Resolution 6K 4K(4:3*) Golden 3K Golden 2K
5760x3240 4320x3240/4096x2160 2880x1620 2048x1080
MAX FPS 25fps@6K 100@4K Wide 150@3K Wide 225@2K Wide
Dynamic Range 14f-stops/16f-stops *6K/Golden 3K
ISO Max Exposure Base MAX
80 800/1600 20480 *6K/Golden 3K
Shutter Angle 0.7°~358°
Monitoring HD Port x1 SDI x2
1080p/720p 1080p/720p *SDI is optional
Sync Function Tally, AutoSlate, Beeper, Trigger, SMPTE LTC, 3D/Multi-cam Sync *3D is optional
LUT Preset: Neutral/Flat, Support Custom LUT Import
Record Media 2.5' SSD with x1 Slot
Audio Capture In-camera MIC; Suppport KineAudio with 48V Phantom Power XLR *Applicable: KineAudio
Power DC IN Consumption
6~19V/KineGrip 26W *Applicable: KineGrip
Weight (Only Body) 1.78(EF)/1.83(Ti Alloy KM)/1.99(Steel KM) *Only Body, no Accessories
Size (WxHxL, mm) 94x118x215(EF)/94x118x192(KM) *Without projections
Operating Temp 0°C to +40°C
  2. Any other trade marks belong to their respective owners.

First look of KineMAX 6K by Zacuto.