NiSi Cinema IR ND

From: $199

NiSi IR ND filters use exclusive dual-sided Nano coating technology. They features 4 mm thick optical glass with precision cut, grinding, and polishing.

Most importantly: ultra low color shifting with anti-reflective coating, optimized for shooting 6K or above 6K RAW digital images.

Also water proof, scratch, and oil resistant.

Filter Size

NiSi IR ND for Digital Cinema uses exclusive nano dual side coating technology allowing for the best possible image when shooting raw digital cinema. While the other technique lamination between two panes of glass causes color shift, higher reflection, and less control of your image, unlike NiSi IR ND Filters for 6k Digital Cinema.

(This page provides single slice of ND filter, if you want to get big discount on a bunch of filters, please visit NiSi Cinema IR ND Bundle.)

The following is a comparison video by Radiant Images. It uses same one RED Dragon 6K + UP, but with different IRND. One is NiSi ND filter, the other is Tiffen IRND. There is no grading on the clips too.

NiSi IR ND uses H-K9L high quality optical glass, with double-sided nano-coating, to reduce the intensity of visible light entering the lens, It will not change the brightness contrast of the scene, and also provides effective inhibition of ultraviolet and infrared light.


NiSi optical glass is precision cut, coarse and precision grinding, polished and optical processed and tested to strictly control the flatness and high parallelism of the glass surface for the highest quality glass and digital cinema image. Optical Nano Coating can well control the color, density, and reflection of the filters. Ultra low reflection will make sure there is no glare when shooting against the sun.

The Nano Coating technology of NiSi IR ND has been innovated by NiSi Filters.

NiSi Polarizer

Square polarizing filter select high quality glass material, each glass adopts optical processing technology, including coarse grinding, fine grinding and polishing. NiSi strictly control the lens surface flatness and parallelism to the ideal level, making sure the image sharpness is intact.
Nitto polarizing film material can effectively eliminate reflection on the surface of non-metallic object.

ND filter is short for neutral density filter. It’s a filter that can reduce and modify the intensity of all wavelengths or colour of light equally. The function of the this filter is to reduce the visible light at equal proportion, and won’t change the brightness and colour contrast of the scene. IR ND is based on the common ND filter of adding resistance to infrared light function, IR is short for “Infrared Ray”.

Basically, ND filters have three sizes:

  1. 4×4″: minimum size of external cinema ND filter: requires diameter of lens is less than 100mm;
  2. 4×5.65″:  most popular cinema ND filter: requires diameter of lens is less than 100mm;
  3. 6×6″: suits for 19mm system. For cine lens with larger 110mm diameter, it needs 6×6″.

Most external ND filters are placed on matte box, so please confirm the supporting system of your matte box is for 15mm or 19mm. If 19mm, it needs 6×6″ sized ND filters.

Besides, the number of Cinema ND filters respond to reduction f-stops:

  1. 0.3 means 1 f-stop;
  2. 0.6 means 2 f-stop;
  3. 0.9 means 3 f-stop;
  4. 1.2 means 4 f-stop;
  5. 1.5 means 5 f-stop;
  6. 1.8 means 6 f-stop;
  7. 2.1 means 7 f-stop.

ND filters can be overlaped to get more combination of reduction.  The calculation is linear in f-stops.