KineMON Sunhood



KineMON sunhood is tailored for KineMON-5L , foldable with steel shafts, weighs only 80g, easy to attach and remove.

KineMON Sunhood is tailored for KineMON-5L, the three wings of the sunhood can be rotated by 90 degrees; the steel shafts on the left and right make it more reliable and durable.

It weighs only 80g, very easy to attach to KineMON-5L or remove.

It features:

  • Convenient: the wings of right, let and up can turn by 90 degrees, you can fold the sunhood to protect the screen of KineMON-5L when monitoring is not needed;
  • Reliable: steel shafts for left and right wing make it more reliable and durable;
  • Accurate: two lock pins of KineMON sunhood are for the location holes on KineMON;
  • Size: for 5 inch KineMON, 12.2×7.3×6.9 cm.