3G SDI Option


It fits:       KineMINI

This in-camera option provides 3G-SDI output for monitoring, not for recording. The SDI output is compatible with most standard monitors. Its display is same with the HD digital port: can display with parameters, or clean video output.

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KineMINI has the in-camera option to install the 3G-SDI monitoring output. Regarding the SDI option:

  1. It is in-camera option;
  2. It displays the same image with the HD digital port: can display with parameters, or clean video output;
  3. It can work with HD digital port at same time;
  4. Supports 720p or 1080p display output.


  1. Monitoring outputs of KineRAW including SDI output is 720p@60fps, or 1080p@60fps, can not be used for external monitoring;
  2. 720p@60p SDI corresponds to HD-SDI, while 1080p@60p SDI corresponds to 3G-SDI;
  3. You can set monitoring resolution as 720p or 1080p: CONFIG–>Liveview–>Display Resolution;
  4. For SDI monitor, if it is HD-SDI, you must set 720p as monitoring resolution; if 3G-SDI monitor, you may use 1080p as monitoring resolution.

FAQ about Dual 3G SDI

The output of SDI comply with SMPTE 296M 720@60p or SMPTE 274M for 1080@60p. But it does not guarantee to support all monitors with SDI input. It supports monitors from Zenzheng, SONY, Ruige typically.


Yes, the thee display outputs can work at the same time.

No. They show same video output.

  1. Make sure you bought the SDI option when purchasing KineMINI;
  2. Check if the SDI turns on. CONFIG–>System–>Setup–>SDI;
  3. Try to set the monitoring resolution to 720p, and restart camera; or restore to factory settings. For some cases, SDI monitors support HD-SDI, not 3G-SDI.