KineMINI HiSpeed Option


It fits KineMINI

HiSpeed Option enables the ability of 2K Wide 120fps, then KineMINI has the power of capturing 96fps @1080p, and 92fps@2K, at S35mm framing size, No cropping, and No limitation on recording time.

For HiSpeed mode, it is captured in S35mm framing, and KNG sequence which can be converted into Cineform RGB444  by KineStation offline.

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KineMINI has the power of capturing Slow-Mo up to 2K Wide 120fps . At same time, M4/3 (Crop mode) 3K Wide up to 60fps, S16mm (Crop Mode) 2K Wide to 75.  As of undercrank/quick-mo, the lowest fps is down to 6fps under current firmware. You can set any custom sensor fps between lowest and highest fps, the accuracy is 0.001fps.

HiSpeed Option enables CMOS sensor works in a special way to capture images. KineMINI records images in KineRAW(.krw) format which be transcoded into Cineform RGB444 mov.

Regarding to this option:

  1. In-camera option;
  2. Activate HiSpeed Option at any time, No need to return it to us for upgrade;
  3. Can NOT record Cineform RAW mov at real time;
  4. Can use free KineStation to transcode KineRAW(.krw) into RGB444 mov

For Comparison, the following table shows the difference:

Format Resolution MAX FPS
@HiSpeed Option
@No HiSpeed Option
HiSpeed DCI 2K 2048×1080 92 30
DCI 2K Scope 2048×864 120 30
Full HD 1920×1080 96 30
Full HD Wide 1920×864 120 30
S16 DCI 2K 2048×1080 60 60
DCI 2K Scope 2048×860 75 60
Full HD 1920×1080 60 60
Full HD Wide 1920×860 75 60