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KineMAG™ is born to match Kine cameras: it can handle high bandwidth True RAW recording and also both RAW recording, with Reliability and Long life because KineMAG™ is built based SLC flash which endures much longer than SSD with MLC flash which often used in cheap SSD.

It can record 4K Uncompressed CinemaDNG and 6K lossless compressed KRW in real time.


KineMAG/KineMAG+ SSD is born to match Kine cameras: it can handle full bandwidth RAW recording, with reliability and long life because KineMAGTM is built based high quality flash which endures much longer than consumer SSD.

The difference between KineMAG and KineMAG+ SSD is: KineMAG utilises SLC chip, while KineMAG+ utilises high quality MLC chips. Performance warranty of KineMAG is THREE years, but ONE year for KineMAG+. If you want to buy SSD with longer life, please visit KineMAG+ SSD.

KineMAG/KineMAG+ SSD has a standard SATA interface and so can be downloaded directly using one of your MAC or PC SATA  ports, or with a USB or FireWire to SATA HDD dock adapter, or other external HDD/SSD case or adapter (You may use HFS+, or Macdrive™ or freeware HFSexplorer if your workstation run Windows™, since KineMAG™ SSD file system is MAC HFS). This industry standard interface makes working with our cameras quick and easy and saves you the cost of needing special adapters to access the RAW data recorded by camera.

KineMAG has capacity of 120GB and 240GB, while KineMAG+ as 512GB or 1TB. Bandwidth of 4K CinemaDNG at 30fps is around 400MB/s. KineMAG/KineMAG+ can handle the speed, and also for 6K KineRAW codec. If record 25fps, the record time over different codecs and different resolutions are shown as follows (in minutes):

KineMAG 120GB
KineMAG 240GB
KineMAG+ 500GB
KineMAG+ 1TB
2K@25fps KineRAW(.krw)4896200400
2K@25fps Cineform RAW(.mov)100200400800
2K@25fps CinemaDNG(.dng)3060120240
3K@25fps KineRAW(.krw)2448100200
3K@25fps Cineform RAW(.mov)50100200400
3K@25fps CinemaDNG(.dng)122450100
4K@25fps KineRAW(.krw)122450100
4K@25fps CinemaDNG(.dng)6122550
6K@25fps KineRAW(.krw)6122550

FAQ about KineMAG

KineMAG: Three years of limited warranty.

KineMAG+: One years of limited warranty.