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The software often used includes three types: Cineform software, Quicktime7 and HFS drive, based on footages from KineMAG to your workstation.

Cineform codec is cross-platform: run on both MAC and Windows smoothly and efficiently. Nearly all commercial editing tools and grading tools like Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Speedgrade, Resolve, Scratch etc. support Cineform very well. Cineform codec is so efficient that lap-top with mainstream configuration can edit and do first grading cineform codec smoothly.

Cineform uses very high quality wavelet compression that is a good facsimile of the sensor data but takes less disk space and is faster to load and process making work-flow more efficient. To work with Cineform, you need install some special Cineform Plugins or software:

Recommend to install GoPro Cineform Studio Premium (Trial) +  Quicktime7, on MAC OS;

Recommend to install GoPro Cineform Studio (Free) + Quicktime7, on Windows.

GoPro Cineform Studio Premium (Trial) v1.3

Cineform Studio Premium is very powerful toolsets to process Cineform footages. This is a trial version in two weeks. Its price is US$ 299. Please go to visit Cineform Official Website to download new version and buy it.

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GoPro Cineform Studio (Free) v1.3

The free software includes already Cineform decoder, and a simple first-grading software to Cineform RAW or RGB444 mov. Please visit Cineform website to get new version.

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Cineform codec is based on Quicktime, no matter Windows or MAC OS. Especially only Quicktime7 support Cineform RAW real-time sync without rendering, NOT Quicktime X.

For windows platform, you need to install Quicktime7 from Apple website; for MAC platform, you still need to install Quicktime7 even though New MAC OS with Quicktime X. There is Quicktime Player of V7.6.6 for downloading, but you many need to visit Apple Quicktime to download new version.

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Please set Quicktime7 as default player for QT mov.

You many need one of three below software/system-plugins to read/write SSD with HFS format which is file system of KineMAG:

1. HFS+ for Windows(Commercial software, pricing as US$19.95) or

2. MacDrive(Commercial software, pricing as US$49.99) or

3. HFSExplorer(Free, Shareware).

HFS+ and MacDrive are system plugins. Windows explorer will recognise SSD with HFS format automatically. HFS+ for windows is Recommended.

KineStation™ is the core of Kine camera system. KineStation™ and KineRAW consist of hybrid digital cinema system to cover serious filmmaking and quick post workflow. Kine Cameras captures light and images which are RAW and remain native information as possible at frontend, while KineStation™ transcode the RAW images into the specific format based on post workflow which may suit for this shot or this team, at backend.

It is a software at backend, running on your DIT lap-top or workstation, and play key role in Kine Hybrid System (KHS).

For serious filmmaking with requirements on DIT, it demands special copy software with checksum. And Fastcopy is best of them: lightweight and fast.